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A passionate daughter of Christ. She lives for spontaneity. Her adventures are defined by travels for food and culture. Along life's wandering, she yearns to meet strangers that are yet to become her friends.
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Did you took all the photos in NYC adventure? Btw, I just wanted you to know that you are so blessed, I wish we could be friends. Someday I gonna travel to NY and I won't forget about you. Thank you for being an inspiration to us. lovelove and God Bless :)
nicuytengsu nicuytengsu Said:

Yes I took all of them from my iphone. It was hard to lug my slr around when I had classes during the day. And thank you for the kind words :) I hope to travel back to NY soon as well to see more broadway :) God bless you! :) 

Hawaii 2012

A little bit of our trip on film :) 

Dennise Pesebre shares her story on finding her identity in Christ.

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A glimpse of the beautiful city God has created for us.

Taken from my window. Lyrics by Chris Tomlin. 

Makati, Philippines

Bringing a little bit of the City to you! :) 

  • The parks

Washington Square Park

I love how WSP is right across from Stern and Bobst Library where I spent most of my weekdays in. There was an instance I was studying a midterm for about 7 hours straight and badly needed a break (aka some fresh air), so I decided to take a walk in the park and laid on the grass just as the sun was starting to set. Simply Perfect. 

Bryant Park

To me this park is the most beautiful one at night, where there’s still enough light for people to stay in and a very fancy yet pricey restaurant beside it. Very romantic, indeed. There’s also a couple of ping pong tables welcome for you to use. It’s amazing how they never seem to lose the equipment. If this were situated in the Philippines, those tables, paddles or balls would go missing within a week tops! :)) 

Central Park

And of course, Central Park! How could one miss out on visting this place when you’re in NYC? :) It’s located right in the center of Manhattan covering more than 800 acres! I wasn’t even able to walk through the entire park. This is definitely the place you’d want to hide out in if you’re having one of those “me days.” 

  • The food

Bouchon Bakery

I bet you on my life that Bouchon has the best tasting macarons in the entire universe!!! YES. They are that good! I tried Laduree’s and they weren’t even close to Bouchon’s.

Alice’s Tea Cup Chapter II

High tea in the summer was definitely a MUST. Alice’s Tea Cup perfected the making of scones - light crunch on the outside and moist and chewy once you take a bite. Yum!

Shake Shack

Dubbed as one of the all-American food: burgers! If In-n-Out hails as the Burger of the West Coast, I’d like to believe that Shake Shack’s burgers would top it for the East Coast. I didn’t even mind waiting for at least 30minutes in line to get my order! I love their veggie burger aka the Shroom’ Burger :) Plus their milkshakes and custards are a perfect pair to the buns! 


I was ecstatic when I found out how close by Ippudo was to my school. I could even eat here everyday if I had the money! Haha. Their ramen is absolutely to die for! And their pork buns are the best ones I’ve had! Momofuku’s are really good too, as what my friends have shared. Sadly, I wasn’t able to try theirs though. 

Magnolia Bakery

New York has a lot of good bakeries but the cupcakes of Magnolia is my personal favorite :) 

  • The sights

Fifth Avenue

The shopping district for every woman! Limousines everywhere made me secretly wish I would see a celebrity. Hihi. 

Grand Central Station

This place became even more famous after being filmed on the pilot of Gossip Girl. Yes, I had my own Serena moment standing on the 2nd floor watching the people cross by :)) 

Times Square

The city that never sleeps. This place is just bursting with life! For an advertising student like me, I couldn’t be happier sitting on the red steps absorbing everything I could see :)

Brooklyn Bridge

Walking over the Brooklyn Bridge is something I’ll never forget because I did it with a sprained toe :)) I took awhile for me to cross halfway but it made me appreciate the goodness of God even more. He taught me so much during the weeks I had trouble walking.

Empire State Building

"Concrete jungle where dreams are made of"

Top of the Rock

Up on the Rockefeller Center is the best place to view NYC :)

Someday, I’ll come back for you New York City! :)

Asker Anonymous Asks:
Hi. How are you related to Fred Uytengsu? The Ironman 70.3 chairman. :)
nicuytengsu nicuytengsu Said:

He’s my uncle :)